Dataabstract schema builder warning


(marcantheunis) #1

in the latest schema builder i get a warning when i click on a certain dataset:
although there is a SQL statement for that DATable…

(marcantheunis) #2

this only happens the first time accessing this table
it does occur with other tables also
but i should test everyone of them directly after opening the schema…
i looked into the dfm but i don’t see anything irregular in the schema stream

(marcantheunis) #3

well it’s easy enough to replicate: any table will result in this error right after opening the schema…

(antonk) #4

Could you send this Schema file to support@ ?

(RemObjects) #5

Thanks, logged as bugs://81588

(marcantheunis) #6

so no need to send the schema?

(antonk) #7

We need a schema to reliably reproduce the issue and to retest the fix be sure that we’ve fixed the bug

(marcantheunis) #8

will do

(antonk) #9

Thanks for the Schema. One of the tables there (namely BestelBasis) has empty SQL statement which caused a warning every time one selected any table below it.

(RemObjects) #10

Thanks, logged as bugs://81592

(marcantheunis) #11

yep saw that
but the behaviour is different then the builder i was using before
on the other hand, speed is way better when opening our schema…

(RemObjects) #12

bugs://81592 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #13

Do you mean the old Schema Modeler shipped with Data Abstract up to the 6th version? The Schema Modeler has been rewritten from the scratch since then. Now it is a .NET WPF application (with all pros and cons of this).

(marcantheunis) #14

no i mean between v4.4.107 and now