DataSnap Project is broken in latest version


(manolix) #1

DataSnap Project is broken.
it says sessionmanager property not found. but datasnap bpl reinstaller and load ok.
in delphi xe2 , uROProxy has memory leak with TStringList.
please test all case project and release !

---------- memory leak in Delphi XE2 created 2 TStringList
_ProxyClasses := TROProxyClasses.Create({$IFDEF TDictionary_NonCaseSensivite_Comparing} TIStringComparer.Ordinal{$ENDIF});
{$IFNDEF ROUseGenerics}
_ProxyClasses := TROProxyClasses.Create;

(EvgenyK) #3


this one is known and already was fixed 3 weeks ago so the latest beta should contain this fix.

workaround: replace it as

  {$IFDEF ROUseGenerics}
  _ProxyClasses := TROProxyClasses.Create({$IFDEF TDictionary_NonCaseSensivite_Comparing}TIStringComparer.Ordinal{$ENDIF});
  _ProxyClasses := TROProxyClasses.Create;