Debug Elements RTL library shared code


(Praveen Pandey) #1


I wanted to use RTL to keep some common logic as shared library in c#. And i created 3 static library c#/java/swift.
After this when I build the project shared project written in C# gets copied in java and swift.But i don’t see the source code.

So, i can debug good in C# but i cannot debug shared project in ios or android/java.


(marc hoffman) #2

What exactly doesn’t not work? the code in shared projects is linked directly into each of your real projects, you should be able to debug it just fine (set breakpoints, step into it), assuming you have debug symbols turned on for your project.

what steps do you take and what fails? is this in Fore or Visual Studio?

(To debug into RTL itself, you’d need to rebuild that in debug mode, of course. But i don’t think that’s what you’re looking to do, right?)

(Praveen Pandey) #3

Hi Marc,

I am able to debug my shared project for C#. I created one static library for android using the same shared project ( C# one).

After this conversion I open Android studio. I am using this library in Android studio.

It is properly converted in Java .class file. But I can not debug .class file. Same for ios files.
What I am looking for is the source JAVA files. After RTL conversion to java, only .class file is generated. How can I debug this with android studio?


(marc hoffman) #4

I’m pretty confused. compiling your library for Java should generate a .jar file, not a .class, as final output. you should use that jar file in ADS. If the project you use to build the loinrary has debug symbols enabled, ADS should see those. Dito for iOS, you’d get a .a and .h file (and a .fx, which you’ll ignore if you use then library from Xcode). again, debug symbols in the .a should work fine.

(Carlo Kok) #5

Do you maybe have a simple sample we can try?