Debug hover over class constant shows no information


(Bob Russell) #1

This is probably me but, if I define a class:

clsGlobals = static public partial class
// Constants
gconFormPad = 4;
// more…

and then use gconFormPad in a method… if I set a breakpoint on the statement that uses gconFormPad to set a variable, after running and breaking, hovering over gcFormPad does not show its value (or anything). Continuing sets the variable correctly and all runs ok.
Code completion also works when typing the statement:
MyVariable := clsGlobals.gconFormPad

Any thoughts welcome

(marc hoffman) #2

9.3 or v10?

(Bob Russell) #3

Sorry. v10

(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://79265

(RemObjects) #5

bugs://79265 got closed with status fixed.