Debugging CrossBox 2 and localhost at the same time

I have a Toffee V2 console app active in the debugger and it’s stopped on a breakpoint. If I try and debug a Linux console app at the same time, when I try and run the debugger I get

The process failed to start with the following error: Client not connected.

If I stop the toffee console app the linux console app will be able to connect and I will be able to debug.


Is this in the same Solution, or two separate ones?

Also, are you sure the two are related and its not a coincidence? I’ve seen some intermittent issues with remote Linux debugging failing that we’re looking into,. myself, but afaict it was not real;ated to other debug sessions begin active…

It’s 2 separate solutions.

I was doing the following

  1. Start Fire
  2. Debug the Linux console, stop at breakpoint
  3. Stop debugging
  4. Debug the Toffee console and wait until it hits the breakpoint.
  5. Try and debug the Linux console.
  6. Repeat a couple of times

I get this as well
~> The process failed to start with the following error: Could not register to wait for file descriptor 2396

  1. Stop the cocoa debug session
  2. Run the linux console in the debugger. Its able to hit the breakpoint.

So I think its related. I’ve also repeated this a few times.

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Funny. i’m investigating a totally unrelated issue (Fire sometimes fails to start the HTTP server for WebAssembly debugging. sometimes). got it down to this same error message and there’s literally only 4 google hits, one of them this thread and one of them the mono source code. (and two useless). :frowning:

Thanks, logged as bugs://84753