Delphi 7 Connection To Relativity

Is it possible to connect to a Relativity Server when using a Delphi 7 DA 10 client?

I am trying to make the connection from an older system that we have. But there does not seem to be a template wizard on Delphi 7. Unless I am doing something wrong. DA 10 is installed .1521 I think.

Or do you have a sample client project that I could use to base my Relativity connection.

Thanks ahead of time.
Bill Brittain


Delphi template wizard uses some IDE functionality that was added since Delphi 2005.

ofc, you can create client for Relativity server in Delphi 7.
you can create a usual client for DA server and convert it to relativity client.


  • Relativity port is 7099
  • connection string is
  RelativityConnectionString: String = 'User Id="%s";Password="%s";Domain="%s";Schema="%s"';
  • use LoginEx method instead of Login:
fLogin.LoginEx(Format(RelativityConnectionString, [aUser, aPassword, fDomainName, fSchemaName]));

Thank you Evgeny. That worked perfectly. I was reading last night in the documentation about Relativity and found exactly what you described. Using the LoginEx was the key.