Delphi Community Edition 10.3

I tried to install DataAbstract into Delphi Community. Every thing installed just fine however I open a form I get an error “sessionManager property does not exist”

Any ideas on how to fix this? Does DataAbstract even work with the Community Version?


Data Abstract supports Community Edition.
Can you share installation logs, pls?
it is log.xml/log.html in C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Data Abstract for Delphi folder.

you can attach it here or send to support@ for keeping it privately

Here is the log file (27.7 KB)

Here is the actual error.



Edit: By some reasons, your Community version was detected as Enterprise version.

pls save this as .reg and apply:



After this, pls reinstall Data Abstract.

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Thanks. That worked.

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