Delphi E2170 error compiling our intf file:TROArray_BackwardCompatibility


(Paul Sjoerdsma) #1


We are moving to the latest version of RemObjects/DataAbstract (9.5.111)
We are still using legacy code, it seems that the TROArray.Resize signature has been changed

We used to have
TROArray = class(TROComplexType)
procedure Resize(ElementCount : integer); virtual; abstract;

We have now
TROArray = class(TROComplexType)
procedure Resize(ElementCount : integer);{$IFDEF TROArray_BackwardCompatibility}virtual;{$ENDIF}

We have lots of arrays in our RODL/Interface file which result in lots of errors.
I tried to define the symbol TROArray_BackwardCompatibility as a conditional define. Still I get lots of compile time errors.

I must be missing something obvious

Paul Sjoerdsma

(Paul Sjoerdsma) #2

Just did the following:

Removed the interface file so that it recompiled automatically. That seems to fix the problem.