Delphi Tokyo - Does DA work with FMX IOS?

(is2software) #1

Do the DataAbstract tables work with the FMX IOS clients created with Delphi Tokyo?

Just so I do not waste any more time checking it out.

Seems to work with FMX Windows target clients but not if I try to open a table if using the IOS simulator as a target.

Tokyo FMX for IOS looks far better than anything I have seen in the past. I have built several Rest test clients that work well. Have been using Xcode and Swift but would very much like to reuse a ton of our Delphi calculation code in some mobile clients if possible.
Thanks ahead of time.

(is2software) #2

Using a custom Delphi DataAbstract server, I was able to determine that the LoginService works with FMX IOS and that data could be pulled.

Not without some problems. Tables originally showed to have problems on opening. But if I tried a second time on the same table, it opened and pulled data from the server.

Was not able to visually bind to the DA tables but tested by manually populating a FireDac memtable with the data from the DA table after the DA table was opened. The FDMemtable was bound to a TListView.

Tomorrow, I will try to append, edit, and delete records back on the server. And I will setup some FireDac SqLite tables in a database on the IOS device and load some large tables and see what I run into on that.

(EvgenyK) #3

it works OK with FMX/Android.
I don’t think that iOS has some significant changes in comparing with Android.