DelphiRTL doesn't compile with RO Islands


(SallyP) #1

How do I compile or use DelphiRTL with Island?
I get lots of compile errors.

(Diego Navarro) #2

please, could you add more info about the errors you got?

which build are you using?
do you have added a reference to elements library as well?

(marc hoffman) #3

Also, just FYI, I assume you did see that Delphi RTL ships pre-built with Elements, so you can just reference it, right? the only reason to rebuild it manually would be if you make local changes, ourself.

(SallyP) #4

I wasn’t able to use the DelphiRTL library with Island.

Any ideas?

(Diego Navarro) #5

Please, could you attach the project?
Also, which build are you using? 9.X, 10.x?


(marc hoffman) #6

can you elaborate on “wasn’t able to use”? what’s the exact problem?