Demo App Created - Don't Have Permission to Run

(Black, Kevin) #1

Parallels 14 VM
OSX Mojave 10.14.3
Xcode 10.2
Oxygene/Fire (Yes I know there’s an update, it failed and manually downloading didn’t help so rolled back to this version)

First Post so mandatory background:
I apologise at the outset for the noob questions you may get a few from me and they may seem ‘dooh’ to you, but my little brain gets stumped. Quick background: lazarus (L) several years ago, then delphi (D) to 10.3 and got absolutely SICK of waiting for a macOS x64 compiler. So, back to L, which I like, but it always seems to be blowing up in my face. A colleague (excellent programmer) moved from windows to swift and is way ahead of me in the macOS sphere (not jealous just saying his C++ skills seem to have translated much better). Looking to Oxygene to get a more stable environment and a more macOS feel. The move from D/L then to Oxygene is way more complicated than the move from D to L (maybe I’m just not as smart as the great unwashed), meh… I do see the benefits of Oxygene and really like the concept, I just need to be able to make it work.

So my simplistic first post. I have built my first mac app (it took a few goes, but hey). It builds, but will not run, says I don’t have permission to run the application. Simple question: What am I doing wrong?