Destroying tROSynapseSuperTCPChannel takes a very long time

Hello Remobjects team,

I’m having the situation that sometimes the destructor of tROSynapseSuperTCPChannel takes as long as one minute to finish. Is there anything I can do to speed that up?

Kind regards,


Please try to explicitly close the channel by setting its Active property to false before destroying it.

Hi AntonK,

that’s exactly what I’m doing. I set “active” to false in the channel before calling the destructor. I have numerous channels in separate threads. So when the program is terminating, all these threads will try to close their connections quasi-simultaneously.

I have the impression that it’s especially the connections that have unreachable hosts that need a long time to terminate. Maybe because they’re still busy trying to connect.


try to use our new TROSuperTcpChannel that uses native WinSock2/POSIX sockets (v10 branch). it may show better results because doesn’t use 3rd party libraries