Do I need CrossBox when building dylib on Island and Darwin?


When creating a static library with Darwin, the build is completed only with Windows.
But it is an error to build dylib(Library).

Is it impossible to build dylib on Windows only?

Island projects should link fine on Windows, yes, only classic Cocoa projects need a CrossBox connection to a Mac to link (for dynamic libraries and executables; static libraries do not need linking).

(a) are you sure tour .dylib project is Island/Darwin and not Cocoa (“Toffee”), and (b) what’s the exact error message you are getting?

(a) Yes. First select the Darwin template.

Next, change Static Library to Library in the project option Binary Type.

And an error occurs by building.

“() Local CrossBox server is only supported on macOS. Please connect to a Mac CrossBox 2 Server.”
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\MSBuild\RemObjects Software\Elements\RemObjects.Elements.Island.Darwin.targets

There are other things that are bothering me.
Architectures is empty.

I think that i386 / x86_64 (or x86_64 only) should be available as well as other platforms.

Elements version

Curious, I will need to look at that.

Can you retry with latest, 2395, just in case?


Thanks, logged as bugs://82400

I tried with version, but the same problem occurs.

Ok, thanx for confirming.

Should be fixed for the next build. Projects that

  • create an app bundle
  • are set to code-sign
  • contain any resources that need processing (Xib, Storyboard, Asset Catalog, Metal Shader, IntentDefinition)

will still need a Mac connection; all other Island/Darwin projects will now build fully locally.

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bugs://82400 got closed with status fixed.