Does Hydra work with Embarcadero C++ Builder?


My team has a large project built with C++ Builder (VCL) and I would like to be able to incorporate .NET technologies.

My goal is to transition to a WPF user interface while still utilizing the existing C++ code for the lower-level business logic. My thought is to have a WPF host with C++ Builder plugins to be able to embed the existing user interface screens into a WPF host. New interfaces that are developed will be created directly in WPF, and over time the existing C++ Builder UI will be re-designed in WPF. From what I have learned about Hydra, it may be the critical component that actually makes it possible to bridge technologies like this.

I understand that Hydra does not officially support C++ Builder but other forum topics indicate that it is expected to work. I’m wondering if anyone has any specific experience on using C++ Builder with Hydra that they can share, in particular:

  • Have you run into any roadblocks in trying to implement Hydra with C++ Builder?
  • Have you found any functionality of Hydra that simply does not work with C++ Builder?
  • Does Hydra work with the latest versions of C++ Builder (10.2/10.3)?

Any advice that you can share will be very much appreciated. Thank you!