Dragging and dropping Darwin references

How does Fire know I can drag a reference project reference into the Target ?

I was able to add Moshine.Api.Location to the Cocoa ones but not the Darwin ones. I have all the targets but it wont add it.

By a very complicated logic that takes into account the project/target type, but also other factors.

Can you send me a testcase, with exact info which project to drag on what target to see it fail? thanx!

MultiRef.zip (709.4 KB)

In this example I was only able to add Project1 to Project2 Island.Darwin.tvoos

I cant add it anywhere else, for example the Toffee targets

hmm, I can add it to both tvOPS targets, Darwin and Toffee, none of the others. the drag suggest that all will accept it (good) but the drop then fails. strange, try strange. investigating now.

MultiRef.zip (710.8 KB)
In this one I added it to references so that it appears in all the targets but I get Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 8.40.30 AM

Is that the same issue ?

ah, its not any specific target. you can add the project reference to exactly one target. if you try too add it again it fails, because it thinks it’s already there — close Fire and reopen and you can add it to another one.

Obviously a bug I’ll have to fix, but I need to figure out in more detail what is going on…

unlikely, but check the detailed build log for hints as to why it might be failing?

Thanks, logged as bugs://85426

FWIW, after I rename the dupes Class1 to Class2, your project compiles clean for me, with he 5-6 project refs I already dragged…

bugs://85426 got closed with status fixed.