DynamicWhere server side with IDADataset


I have found a strange “problem” when I use, server side, the DynamicWhere.

The problem is this (I use the last version for Delphi):

in DASchemaModeler I defined a new datatable with AutoSQL statment. In this case when I use the DynamicWhere (only to server side) when run the code the system raise an exception that the param :DAPARAM_1 is not found.

If I set the same datatable with SQL (the DASchemaModeler create automatically the statment with the {WHERE} macro) and I not modified it everything works regularly.

It seems that when working in AutoSQL (and only on the server side) the macro {WHERE} is not recognized.

Is this actually a problem or am I doing something wrong?


Can you provide simple testcase that reproduces this issue, pls?
you can send it directly to support@ for keeping it privately


I try but the Oracle database that I use is very large. I try to create a test with another type of database

Thank you very much!


you can share your code that causes this exception.
in some cases it should be enough.

if you launch your project in debug mode, what will be call-stack?


I try to explain here:

I use Delphi 10.3.3, DA last version, UniDac last version and Oracle database.

In schema Modeler I defined a new Table with statment type AutoSQL:

In this configuration when I run this code:

  LUserDataSet: IDADataset;
  LUserClientIP: string;
  LUserDataSet := LoginSchema.NewDataset(Connection, 'User');
  with LUserDataSet.DynamicWhere do
    Expression := NewBinaryExpression(NewField('', 'LOGIN_NT'), dboEqual, AUserName, datString);


raise this exception:


If I change only the statment type in SQL (autogenerate):

the code above work fine.


NewDataset method has overload method that accepts DynamicWhere expression as xml string. if you pass DynamicWhere XML to that overload method, will it solve this issue in AutoSQL mode?



2nd method, i.e.

// sXml: Unicodestring;
with LUserDataSet.DynamicWhere do begin
  Expression := NewBinaryExpression(NewField('', 'LOGIN_NT'), dboEqual, AUserName, datString);
  sXml := Xml;
LUserDataSet := LoginSchema.NewDataset(Connection, 'User',[],sXml);

Many thank EvgenyK, with your code works.

I only have a couple of comments:

  1. with your code I must to create the dataset twice. One for define the XML “where clause” and one for inject the xml

  2. Why this not work with AutoSQL but work if I define the {WHERE} macro? In this mode I can create only one instance of the dataset

Best Regards


this is AlwaysGenerateDynamicWhereStatement parameter, that is has False value by default. if aWhereClause isn’t specified, SQL is generated w/o WHERE {WHERE} line.


  • pass non-empty aWhereClause
  • pass AlwaysGenerateDynamicWhereStatement parameter with True value in overloaded method.

you are right. better code:

with Connection.GetWhereBuilder do begin
  Expression := NewBinaryExpression(NewField('', 'LOGIN_NT'), dboEqual, AUserName, datString);
  sXml := Xml;
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Many thanks EvgenyK!!