Editing and typing is slow in VS 2017

(arturredzko) #1

Using current stable release I often get this message from the editor in VS :

(marc hoffman) #2

Is it actually slow in real use, too?

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://80903

(arturredzko) #4

Yes, in some bigger units it’s hard to type (we have many $IFDEF), also typing fires cc popup and sometime next key press causes choosing an element from list.

(marc hoffman) #5

I see. does speed improve if you turn off automatic popup of CC?

As a side Q, have you considered switching over to Water yet?

(arturredzko) #6

Water works fine.

(viktoriad) #7

Hello Artur,
Could you please provide us with some project that shows a problem, or any steps to reproduce it?
Thanks in advance.

(Theo) #8

I have one:
GeneratedEntityClasses.pas (6.2 MB)

add it to any project …

(Theo) #9

2333: speed is much better - still not optimal, but much better :slightly_smiling_face:

(Theo) #10

I take this back.

I have now a huge Oxygene project; more than 100 Mbyte of pascal code.
Almost everything I do results now in wait time of at least several seconds (sometimes minutes).

Oxygene 2333, VS 2017 Pro latest release.

(marc hoffman) #11

Well. is it better, but you now tested an even bigger project and that it still bad? Or is it still bad everywhere, including where you thought it was better before?

(Theo) #12

I am used to a lot faster - I had projects this big several times in the past.
Compile times got worse - but editing was never a problem.
And no, that wasn’t Oxygene, but VB.Net and MS C#.

Editing should never be a problem.

(marc hoffman) #13

Indeed, and I’m not trying to justify that it’s slow, I’m just trying to asses the exact status, from seemingly contradicting reports. :wink:

(Theo) #14

Well, it got better, and as I said - still not optimal.
And with a project this big it is beginning to be a real problem.

Again generated code for an API implementation (it is impossible to write this much code yourself in 4 days).
I can show you next week - I will be on the island again.

(marc hoffman) #15

Well, you also said “intake it back”. uncle my confusion — did it get better or not…

Yeah, not disputing that, or disagreeing that it still needs work. the issue still is open. Any test cases you can give us would be greatly appreciated, ofc.

That’s cool, but I do believe you, and I’m not the one to fix this ;). But looking forward to seeing you again, of course. You’re moving for good this time, or just a vacation?

(Theo) #16

Well, Our house is for sale :smile:

(marc hoffman) #17


(Theo) #18

But for the topic:
It is worst when there are a lot of errors.

(viktoriad) #19

I’d need some test project for this and steps to reproduce it here. When you can, please send me that info and I’ll have a look as soon as possible.
Best regards.

(Theo) #20

I will mail it to you today.
But please destroy the source code when you are finished with it.