Editor slow down

(Mateusz Gałązka) #1


I’ve installed new version on Elements - RemObjects Elements with Water - and there is a problem with typing anything - I’ve attached one VS to another one, and I see InvalidOperationException - call stack

two times after each sign typed :frowning: We can TV if you need

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://80167

(RemObjects) #3

bugs://80167 got closed with status fixed.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #4

Could you please give me personal version with Water with this bug fixed?

(marc hoffman) #5

I don’t have a build handy with Water (for structural reasons, that builds differently on our CI system. I can see if I can send you one later or early tomorrow, or I could send you one w/o Water (since you issue was about VS?) now…

(Mateusz Gałązka) #6

You are right - it will be faster coding tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Mateusz Gałązka) #7

Could you please publish installer for me? :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #8

Yes, I’m doing a new full build with Water for you now, usually takes about ~40m

(marc hoffman) #9

Sorry, it’ll have to wait til tomorrow’s official new build.

(marc hoffman) #10

Managed to get you a build after all, up now.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #11

Installer is broken - it do not start, but now I’ll wait for official. Thanks

Sorry, problem was with new Windows update - everything is ok, after reboot :smiley: Coding is now much faster :slight_smile: Thanks

(marc hoffman) #12

can you be more specific? the download itself is broken?

(Mateusz Gałązka) #13

Sorry - it was Windows update isue… Everything works fine after reboot computer - forget about it

(Mateusz Gałązka) #14


I’ve got the next editor slowdown :frowning:
When I debug VS in another VS I’m getting errors

  • EventSourceException while processing event “TraceOperationBegin”
  • Exception thrown: ‘System.NullReferenceException’ in RemObjects.Elements.VisualStudio.Editor.14.dll

Maybe I can give you more info if I have PBD file