Elements 2363 vs 2421

We are trying to publish app at google play.

It was working fine on 2363.

Android SDK set in project properties is android-22.
In project manifest

On version 2363 app publish successfully. After upgrade to 2421 google play not publish app because it’s 22. We do not want to change AndroidSDK for now but we want to publish app to google play using newer version.


I beliebe Google changed the rules and requires all apps you be but against 28 or later now. That’s not our doing, that’s Google Play no longer accepting apps built against 22.

I don’t see how the compiler version could make a difference unless 2363 (which is pretty old) maybe reported a wrong SDK version and “mislead” the Google Play upload. If that’s the case, that was a bug and the new behavior is proper.

Google Play forces TargetSDK to be 28. Minimum SDK version and build SDK version is not important.

I’ve downgraded Elements to 2363 and app is already puslished using Google Play.


Are you saying you cant upload an app build with latest compiler and Target SDK 28 but, Minimum SDK being 22?

Alreaday published app using 2363



Odd, because you DO have the target SDK set to 22. So Id say its a bug in 2363 that it still emits android:targetSdkVersion=“28”.

You should set there SDK to 28 and the Minimum SDK to 21.

I don’t think it’s a bug. Using andtoid studio we can also set sdk for building, minimum sdk version and target sdk version. You want to tell us we are stuck in version 2363 until we move to newer version of SDK? Why - it’s working and google play accept this…

Well. You have your Target SDK set to 22, not to 28. So that’s what your Manifest will reflect (regardless of what 2363 might have done wrong). If you wanna (need to) target 28, set to to 28, and keep the Minimum SDK at 21. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

I want to build app with SDK 22 (without any changes - I will change it when the time will come) and only set the Target SDK to 28 - to this version is needed on Google Play. It just work with EBuild on version 2363.

That’s because there was a bug in older EBuild that it didn’t set the Target SDK into the XML properly. Your screenshot above shows you have Target SDK 22 active, so the new behavior is as designed.

That’s the Target SDK.


I’ve changed Android SDK in my two projects without changing Gradle references (version 22) and apps are building and rebiulding fine. Publish using Google Play succeeded. Don’t understand, but it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you publish for me personal installer with bugs://83551 closed? I want to upgrade Elements and forget about those problems :slight_smile:


iirc I already did yesterday?

Yeah, upgrading to androidx is a separate thing; (for now), the old Gradles work fine with the current SDK — you just cannot mix them with androidx (you’ll et similar issues re dup resources, if you do).