Elements 2456 adroid library build error


I’ve got problems with android libraries using Elements 2456. After any change of any code in library I need to rebuild it. Build library or build application in which this library is referenced makes plenty of errors - starting with
(JE0) A Java base library reference is missing and no default “rt.jar” could be found

Rebuild and it’s working, but I’ve to make rebuild each time - and it takes time.

I think @mh saw this yesterday too. @mh this was fixed right?

If true please give me new personal version - if possible with Water :slight_smile:

Yea, I broke reference caching when I implement JNI.pas-injection, should be fixed in latest. I’ll start a new build with Water for you.

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Build is up.

That Water build might have some unrelated regression issues, fixed for tomorrow’s official release. Sorry.