Elements 2457 big problem with if


I’ve got problem in my android app with comparision of two nullable integers - allways true…
To generate error - create new android app and pas this in onCreate

method MainActivity.onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle);
  // Set our view from the "main" layout resource
  ContentView := R.layout.main;
	var vTest: nullable Integer := 1234;
	var vTest2: nullable Integer := 1235;

	if (vTest = vTest2) then
	  ContentView := R.layout.main;

Please fix this for tomorrow build - I’m not sure if any if is working fine looking for this…

Need working version as fast as possible

I believe thats fixed in 2459.

but in 2459 we’ve got error https://www.remobjects.com/portal/bugs/?id=83612
Could you publish actual version, because this bug is already fixed?

I can send you a nw build once we have one that includes Carlo’s fix, yes. Do you need Water or VS?


Got one for you now, then. it’s up.

Waiting :slight_smile:

It’s already there.

Thank you…


devenv crashes with 2460


What does that error message mean translate to?

Unknown software exception in application

my colleague believe this could be a side effect of a partial change in the build you had and should be fixed already. i’ll upload a new build for you in the next 15 mins or so, when i’m back at the computer. i apologize for the inconvenience - one if the risks of daily interim builds :wink:

Or maybe more like in 1h, as I need to wait for a new build. sorry.


clear cache…

its called “RemObjects Elements - B.exe”. try refreshing with the provided link.

Installled version B, but opening solution raise the same error :frowning: