Elements command line not cooperating with me


(Derek Perez) #1

elements --ref=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_131.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/rt.jar -d -t=library -m=cooper Test.swift

RemObjects Elements (Oxygene, C# and Swift) Compiler for .NET, Cocoa, Java and Island.
Version (master) built on bajor, 20170531-171224. Commit 78e15e2.
Copyright 2003-2017 RemObjects Software, LLC. All rights reserved.
Source file: /Users/perezd/Desktop/Test.swift
Reference: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_131.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/rt.jar
Entering phase “Loading Source Files” (00:00:02.3067289)
Entering phase “Loading Resources” (00:00:00.1224638)
Entering phase “Resolving Namespaces” (00:00:00.0007925)
Entering phase “Resolving Types” (00:00:00.0107163)
Entering phase “Resolving Properties and Events” (00:00:00.1358087)
Entering phase “Resolving Interfaces” (00:00:00.0240464)
Entering phase “Resolving Bodies” (00:00:00.0716422)
Entering phase “Checking Members” (00:00:00.1604622)
Entering phase “Generating Helper Types” (00:00:00.0560030)
Entering phase “Inlining code” (00:00:00.0407298)
Entering phase “Pre-Simplifying Code” (00:00:00.0057779)
Entering phase “Simplifying Code” (00:00:00.0002684)
Entering phase “Flow Analysis” (00:00:00.0257351)
Entering phase “Generating Output” (00:00:00.0150436)
(0:0) [E253] Error while generating executable: Could not resolve type with token 01000015 (from typeref, class/assembly RemObjects.Elements.RTL.String, Elements, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3df3cad1b7aa5098)
Entering phase “Done” (00:00:00.1256206)
Compilation failed

Any idea what I’ve done wrong? Here’s Test.swift:

public final class Test { 
	private var testing: String!

	 init() {
		self.testing = "foo"

(marc hoffman) #2

Rename Elements.exe to ElementsC.exe for now. it seems there’s a conflict between Elements.exe and Elements.dll, the latter of which contains the type it cannot find :(.

I’ll log to get this fixed.

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://77952

(Derek Perez) #4

That doesn’t seem to fix it. I get the same error, I updated the “elements” script to point to ElementsC.exe as well.

(marc hoffman) #5

Strange. What version of Elements and of Mono do you have installed?

(Derek Perez) #6

The latest released elements and whatever version of mono the docs link to.

(marc hoffman) #7

Ok. i think i have an idea whats causing this, i’ll have a look tuesday (as i’m probably out all day tomorrow). In the mean time, can you use xbuiild (or Fire)?

(Derek Perez) #8

For my needs I really need the command line tools working. I can wait.

(marc hoffman) #9

ok, i’ll keep you posted. FWIW, using xbuild instead of elements(.exe) would be command line, as well.

(Derek Perez) #10

Ah ok, I’m trying to integrate elements with bazel.build. I’d prefer to use
elements directly.

(Derek Perez) #11

Any update on this? Would love to start hacking.

(marc hoffman) #12

should be fixed in the current beta.

(Derek Perez) #13

Noob question here…where do I download betas from?

(Carlo Kok) #14

https://secure.remobjects.com/ will have a betas link if you have an active subscription. That will have the latest betas.

(marc hoffman) #15

and http://beta.remobjects.com will take you directly there, for convenience, as well.

(Derek Perez) #16

I haven’t purchased a silver license yet…I’m still evaluating it :frowning: Is this coming to a stable release anytime soon?

(marc hoffman) #17

It’ll be a bit longer; We’re eying a potential 9.2 release in late July or August. I can send you a newer beta build, whats your account name on remobjects.com?


(Derek Perez) #18

I believe its perezd, thanks!!

(marc hoffman) #19

Cool. I’ve uploaded last weeks beta of the command line zip distro to https://secure.remobjects.com/portal/downloads/personal for you.

(Derek Perez) #20

much appreciated, I will report back!