Elements/Data Abstract problem in VS2019 1 6.5

When I right click on a DA class library project in the latest version of VS Community 2019, the ‘Update Table Definitions’ menu option no longer is there. Big problem!

Is that with the 2511 branch build?

yes. I did what I needed to do in water, so i’m fine, but just pointing it out.

Thanx. Thus is the kind of stuff I would expect some regressions on with the new project system, so good to know.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84304


Could you provide more details on exact steps required to reproduce this issue?

Thanks in advance

Not much to detail. I open my DA class lib project, and in the past all I had to do was right-click on one of the project files in the solution explorer and the menu option ‘Update Table Definitions’ would be there. Its no longer there. also, all Data Abstract menu options are disabled in the RemObjects main menu (Extensions).

Thanks. Seems the project is no longer detected as a Data Abstract-compatible one. We are currently working on this.

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bugs://84304 got closed with status fixed.