Elements: Improved Dependency Caching for References

(Patrick Lanz) #22

It’s the solution I open in VS to work.
I will prepare a testcase with all the files and send a private message when ready.

I’ve just tries in Water: I can open the solution but not compile it.

(marc hoffman) #23

Same error, I assume?

fwiw, maybe just the SLN file alone will help be repro this NRE, if you an send that…

(marc hoffman) #24

Reproduced. thanx!

(marc hoffman) #25

It didn’t correctly handle additional ProjectSection(...) entries before ProjectSection(ProjectDependencies). Fixed.

(marc hoffman) #26

I’ve sen you a new build with the fix for EBuild (so that you rem try running the CommandLine).

(Patrick Lanz) #27

Thanks for the build.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce what I saw before in VS.
I will try to look at the compiles to find it again.

(Patrick Lanz) #28

A possible improvement (but not sure if it’s feasible):
If I add a public member, there should be no necessity to compile the dependent projects, at least in .NET.

(marc hoffman) #29

There could be, as the new member could influence overloads, hide a different member item in scope, etc.