Elements showing build succeeded but error flagged


I’ve noticed this in earlier releases, but having just moved on to I thought worth questioning.

Occasionally I get this sort of thing. A build success, yet one or more errors listed. I couldn’t be sure, but it may be the case that the “did you mean” is the common factor i.e. it’s flagged as an error, but at the same time seen as a warning ?

Where it said “error”?

All I saw is “warning”

1 error , 0 warnings, but build succeeded ?

I’ve had that before, then I turned off “Treat fixable errors as warnings”. Hope that solves your problem too.

Do you have “treat fixable errors as warnings” turned on (either VS-wide for in your project)? If so the compiler will still emit the error, but use its best guess (i.e. the recommended fix it shows with “did you mean X”, and move on, and the build will succeed (so that, say a silly typo won’t stop you from running your app).

Thanks Marc (and Wuping). Live and learn! Not at the project level, but within Elements “Fix-Its”, yes :-

Had to search where to find it and ran straight into this similar post which showed the setting:-

In the few cases I’ve hit, they aren’t typos, so I’ll turn that off…

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