Error compiling

I receive this error when building in Water (latest build). Any idea?

                  -> Phase Generating Output started.
E:                   Error while generating executable: System.InvalidCastException: Et objekt af typen 
'System.Char' kan ikke konverteres til typen 'System.String'.
  Mono.Cecil.SignatureWriter GetConstantSignature(Mono.Cecil.Metadata.ElementType, 
  Void AddConstant(Mono.Cecil.IConstantProvider, Mono.Cecil.TypeReference) 
  Void AddParameter(UInt16, Mono.Cecil.ParameterDefinition, Mono.Cecil.ParamTable) 
  Void AddParameters(Mono.Cecil.MethodDefinition) 
  Void AddMethod(Mono.Cecil.MethodDefinition) 
  Void AddMethods(Mono.Cecil.TypeDefinition) 
  Void AddType(Mono.Cecil.TypeDefinition) 
  Void AddTypes() 
  Void BuildTypes() 
  Void BuildModule() 
  Void BuildMetadata() 
  Void Write(Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition, Mono.Disposable`1[System.IO.Stream], 
   Void WriteModule(Mono.Cecil.ModuleDefinition, Mono.Disposable`1[System.IO.Stream], 
  Void Write(System.String, Mono.Cecil.WriterParameters) 
  Void WriteOutput(System.IO.Stream) 

              <- Phase Generating Output finished, took 0,3841s.
           <- Target Echoes failed compiling.
        <- Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsCompile failed for HDSEI.Client.EKJ, took 4,4951s (4,5061s).
     <- Task RemObjects.EBuild.Elements.ElementsBuildProject failed for HDSEI.Client.EKJ, took 0,0000s (4,5061s).
  <- Project HDSEI.Client.EKJ failed, took 4,5061s.


curious; tis looks like a bug in the Cecil library, which emits the .NET IL binary. Can you send us the project that shows this?

I have sent you an e-mail directly with the project attached.

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Thanks, logged as bugs://83400

Reproduced, with HDSEI.Client.EKJ.elements in HDSEI.NET.sln. thanx!

bugs://83400 got closed with status fixed.