Event sink proxy not found


(Bob DeCori) #1

“RemObjects.SDK.Types.ServerException: Event sink proxy for “” not found. at RemObjects.SDK.Server.EventSinkManager.GetEventSinkProxyClass(Type eventSink)…”

RemObjects.SDK.Server.EventSinkManager, RemObjects.SDK.Server, Version=


(marc hoffman) #2

can you elaborate?

(Bob DeCori) #3

Recompiled RemObjects SDK for .Net server project on new build machine (was working before). When deployed, client login throws following exception:
Error: Login RemObjects.SDK.Types.ServerException: Event sink proxy for IAcmeEvents not found. at RemObjects.SDK.Server.EventSinkManager.GetEventSinkProxyClass(Type eventSink) at RemObjects.SDK.Server.EventSinkManager.GetEventSink(Guid clientId, Type eventSink, IEventTargets eventTargets) at RemObjects.SDK.Server.Service.GetEventSink(Type eventSink, IEventTargets eventTargets) at AcmeLogin(String LicenseKey)_

(antonk) #4


Could you create a testcase and send it to support@ ? F.e. remove all methods from your server project except this one that contains failing code + create a simple one-button client that will call this method.

Otherwise we won’t be able to pinpoint the issue.

Thanks in advance

(Bob DeCori) #5

Problem was that my ServerLibrary_Events.cs file got deleted during an upgrade to version 9. Forgot to replace it after rolling back to v8.3.91.1167

You may delete this thread/post.


(antonk) #6

The code generator routines were updated in one of the releases after 8.3 to simplify the generated code file structure.

In general it is recommended to regenerate interface files when moving between major release versions.

Sorry for the inconvenience