Explicit interface implementation in Oxygene

In VB, I can write the following:

Public Class x
Implements IDisposable

Public Sub DoDisposeNow() Implements IDisposable.Dispose
End Sub

When I want to call the dispose function from the class , I have to write:


But when I do it from the interface, I have to write (first part is a cast to the interface):

directcast(x, IDisposable).Dispose

Is this possible in Oxygene?
If not, How do I resolve a conflict between 2 interfaces?

We have a docs topic, aptly named the same as your post ;).



I always find it hard to find the information within the docs :neutral_face:

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Ideas how to improve discoverability would be appreciated. The content in there Oxygene section is pretty solid, with Types and Type Members 100% compete (Statements and Expressions is next on my list), but I agree it can be hard to find stuff if you don’t know where to look…

The change @ck made the other day is a huge improvement.

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Hi Marc, it would be nice if I could search within the text - like a google search on the docs.

Doesn’t it do that?

I type interfaces, press enter and nothing (exept the URL) changes.

Am I in the wrong place?

Is there a chance you have javascript disabled? Typing in that box should end up with #q=interfaces, not ? (but disabling it will do that).

You have a point - I alway use this from Visual studio.
Just tried it from firefox and indeed, now I get results.

But it looks like it is doing an OR with multile words.
Can I do AND?

I just tried google itself:
searched for: site:docs.elementscompiler.com overide class
And that really works !

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:slight_smile: yeah google ofc works.

but the search should be fairly decent. I’ll look into AND support. Only just set this up the other day based on SOLR.

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