ExpressBars 17.1.4/Hydra Bug

(Matthew Vesperman) #1

I could not compile Hydra_DX_D25.bpl.

I am using the latest version of both DevExpress’ ExpressBars and RemObjects Hydra.

The errors occurred in the uHYDXUI unit in the following methods/procedures:

procedure CopyActionBitmap(aControl: TdxBarItem; anAction: TAction);
function THYDxItemWrapper.GetImage: TBitmap;
function THYDxToolbarItemWrapper.GetImage: TBitmap;

I have corrected the issue and uploaded the corrected file to my website.

I have marked the changed methods/procedures with a comment that includes my initials (MSV)

Hope this helps.

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://78237

(RemObjects) #3

bugs://78237 got closed with status fixed.

(EvgenyK) #4

thanks. merged