Extending/changing Fire...?


(John Wiederhirn) #1

Is there an SDK or other extensibility framework that allows devs to add their own tools and extensible behaviors, etc. to Fire IDE yet? If so, where (and where are docs/examples)?


(Carlo Kok) #2

We currently don’t have anything like that yet, having focused on making it work first.

What kind of things were you extensions were you thinking of?

(Theo) #3
  • External tools
  • Editor addons

For the winform designer that I am building, I need both; external tools to start the designer, editor Addons to add event-handling code and to do symbolic renames.
(In this case, I am talking Water - I do not know if it will run on Fire).

(marc hoffman) #4

There’s currently no extensibility Api for Fire/Water. This is deliberate, because, in my opinion/experience, this tendency to build “an operating system for creating IDEs” is what causes most quote-unquote modern IDEs to be such bloated messes, like Visual Studio, IntelliJ, or BDS. In Fire/Water everything works tightly together (which of course does not mean that tings aren’t designed/abstracted properly) instead of going thru convoluted plugin APIs for every keypress.

While I don’t want to completely rue out extensions points for the future, for right now, I’d much rather hear what you feel is missing and what we can do, inside Fire/Water, to provide that you need.

Could you give me example of what kinds of extensions you’d be interested in seeing/creating?