Fire IDE Toolbar

(Matthew Vesperman) #1

I was just wondering how you placed the toolbar in the Fire IDE’s titlebar area. (Highlighted in yellow.)


(marc hoffman) #2

that’s a standard Cocoa/AppKit API feature, as of a couple OS releases back. i don’t remember the details and i’m no tear thecode right now (we really need Fire for the iPad, don’t we? ;), but i’ll look the details up tomorrow and let you know.

(Bee Jay) #3

Please… make this happen! Seriously. I’ll buy it in a heartbeat! I’ve been wanting a Pascal coding app for iOS for a long time. Take a look at Codea and Pythonista as reference. If you want some help for testing, feel free to contact me. I’ll help. :blush:

(marc hoffman) #4

not really feasible, with apples restrictions for what you can do on ios :frowning:

(Bee Jay) #5

There are already many coding apps on iPad for various languages, even for C# and Obj-C. Of course, Swift Playgrounds too. I suppose there’s no technical reasons not to have Pascal (including Fire and Oxygene) to be available on iOS as well.

(marc hoffman) #6

if you say so.

(marc hoffman) #7

Here’s how i configure the toolbar/titlebar:

private void windowControllerDidLoad()
	if (available("macOS 10.10"))
		if (NSScreen.mainScreen.visibleFrame.size.height <= MAX_SIZE_TO_HIDE_TITLEBAR)
			window.titleVisibility = NSWindowTitleVisibility.NSWindowTitleHidden;
	toolbar.displayMode = NSToolbarDisplayMode.NSToolbarDisplayModeIconOnly;

(Matthew Vesperman) #8

Hi Marc,

I seem to have an issue with my subscription. Even though you renewed my MVP license I am getting an expired subscription message when trying to download Remoting SDK.

Remoting SDK for .NET and all Clients - Access expired 4/13/2018. Renew

Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients - Access expired 4/13/2018. Renew


Matthew Vesperman

(marc hoffman) #9


(feel free to take this to PM if you prefer), what username or email address would those licenses be under? I found two accounts matching your name, but neither has any licenses (current or expired); is it under a different name?


(Matthew Vesperman) #10

Sorry for the delay in answering as I had something come up.

The account name is frc4466.

(marc hoffman) #11

Should be fixed now, thanx for letting us know.