Fire rename file error

(Aaron Bratcher) #1

When I rename a file within the Fire IDE, I end up having 2 files on my file system. 1 with the old name, and the newly named one.

Fire 10.0.2305

(Aaron Bratcher) #2

I just realized this may be an issue with my project being stored in the cloud. Never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

(marc hoffman) #3

It’s something I have seen before, but not bene able to reproduce one hundred percent. I’m guessing that something causes the file buffer to sever back out under the old name, after the rename, somehow — I’ll investigate some more.

(Aaron Bratcher) #4

I have the project in my iCloud folder. I’ve also noticed it doesn’t have problems moving the file from one folder to another.

(Theo) #5

I just had this today, with VS2017, renamed a project.