Firewalls blocking RO standard port


Hi all,

Just started with RO and noticed that some of our clients have firewall security which blocks outgoing TCP on non-standard ports such as 8099. They are suggestion 80 or 447. I know I can move my port for this particular app to 447 but I was hoping to share a few web servers on a single VM up on Azure using different ports (e.g. 8097, 8098,8099). I was curious how best to handle this or what is the standard practice. Thanks Bob

(antonk) #2

Not sure what you want to do. You can configure the port being used by the server app. Still most probably you will have to open the corresponding port on the firewall anyway.


Sorry I did not word that correctly. It seems most corporate firewalls allow outgoing port 80 or 443. Is there a way multiple RO server applications can share the same port? Thanks Bob

(antonk) #4

What is your server platform (.NET or Delphi)?


Delphi. Thanks

(EvgenyK) #6

You can use TROWebBrokerServer (i.e. isapi dll for Internet Information Services) or use TROWinHttpServer for standalone app.
they allow to use single port for multiple server instances.