Font Family / Theme Support

Is it possible to change the font used in the code editor for Fire? I see there are a few predefined themes in the preferences but I was wondering if it was possible to use a custom font from my system or even to define my own theme?

Not officially, at this time. There’s an undocumented plist setting you can set to specify a custom font name (i’ll have to look it up when i’ve mack at the computer and have access to the source), via defaults write remobjects.Fire ....

There’s no way to build custom themes yet (and probably won’t be in then foreseeable, mainly because the way Fire’s code editors renders is a bit different than most others, in that it draws things such as selections, errors markers etc on top of the code, and relying on transparency for things too look good in all scenarios.

OK, thanks. I suspected there would be a good reason it’s not officially supported.

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