Generate bitcode, island and arm64


Does this work with island arm64 ?

I have a multi target library with Toffee iOS and Island.Darwin.iOS. I have generate bitcode set in both.

I find I can use the following to determine if bitcode is enabled

otool -l libName.o | grep __LLVM

It works on Toffee but not Darwin.


Might be an oversight; I’ll have a look. Does bitcode work for you on Toffee?

Logged as bugs://E25599.


                if Setting["GenerateBitcode"].IsTrue and (d ≠ "Simulator") then begin
                  Logger.Warning("Generating Bitcode is not implemented yet for Island/Darwin.");
                  //if Setting["VerifyBitcode"].IsTrue then


Thanks. Yes it works on Toffee

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Should be fixed (pending more testing), for the first post-.2721 build.

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bugs://E25599 was closed as won’t fix.