Go to definition with AssemblyDependencyResolver


ConsoleApplication4.zip (134.2 KB)

With the attached sample I added this line to the main

  var resolver := new AssemblyDependencyResolver('');

and building it suggested the namespace it was in, so I added that.

If I click AssemblyDependencyResolver and do a goto definition, it says definition not found.

I also cant click inside the () and get parameter completion, it says not inside a method or indexer call

Its a similar experience if I type resolver. and ask for a list of methods. That just says Unknown definition AssemblyDependencyResolver.

I can do something simple like File. and it knows the methods. Selecting a method and adding a ( will then allow me to get parameter suggestions.


Thanks, logged as bugs://82179

Hello John,
I cannot reproduce the issue here. GotoDef shows properly generated definition for AssemblyDependencyResolver type. I can also get proper parameters tip text too. Could you please check if the problem still reproduces for you? And if so, what IDE do you use? Is it VS, which version, or is it Water?
Thanks in advance.

It was with Fire. I tried it with the latest and it looks ok.


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bugs://82179 got closed with status cannotrepro.