How do I get access to Sugar?

See title.

let me know your github account name, and i’ll set you up with access. but do keep n mind that at this stage Sugar access is at the “suitable for contributors” level. IOW, if you wanna get your hands really dirty and play with it and hopefully help out, that’s great. but if you’re looking for something that “just works” to use, id sugegsto give it a few more weeks.

It’s “unitoops” Thanks. I understand it’s not for use right now. Not sure if I have time to contribute but I’d at least appreciate seeing the direction it’s taking, and maybe I’ll be able to get involved.

I’ve added you to the project, enjoy!

Is Sugar getting closer?

Slowly bit steadily, yes. External contributions are extremely welcome, at his stage.

Can you add me too ?

Sure. I just need your github name.

Same as my name here ‘eugenekryukov’

you’re in :wink:

Can I have access too ? My github username is mosh

Can I have access too ? My github username is cosina

Me too, please.
My github user name is … tadaaa: OxygeneUser

Please add me there. as ever im donaldshimoda. :wink:

Can I have access too ? My github username is arturredzko

Sorry about the delays. added all of you. See you at

Note that iirc 1277 has a small bug that causes File.pas to not compile for Nougat, which is already fixed internally. For now, maybe just disable the file to not have that stop you.