How to use objective-c control in Fire using swift

I started learning Fire with IOS.
I want to use some third party frameworks (I did it using Fire - adding reference - is nice :slight_smile: and working … but I want to use some third party control (where i have .h and .m files) for example :

How can I use it ?? Should I generate .fx files ??
Can You help me with this ?
I created template project , added .h files but can not add reference to UIKit and got errors

Did I something wrong ??
Best regards

Using an Import project is the right way. since our import project cannot find UIKit — are you sure (a) the project type is set to iOS and (b) that it has an UIKIt reference? Can you turn the build log verbosity to Diagnostic in preferences, do a REbuild, and post the log?

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I didn’t set type project to IOS - default is MAC
Thank you Marc…

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Marc file .fx was generated.
I added reference importproject in my app and got errors…
Log :
log.txt (107.7 KB)
What did i wrong ??

What’s LMGaugeView, is that he control from your library? Can you try upgrading to 2509, iirc we fixed an issue recently (possibly after 2505) that might affect this.

It is third party control

I will update Fire -> no problem and will check it again.
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I have still problem in new version…
E: ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
E: ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

Did you build those architectures in xcode ? There is an architectures section in the basic settings. You need to build it for the device and simulator.

No I didn’t. How should I do it ? (I start to learn and understand all environment step by step but it has many infos - i have a problem where to start …)
I’m neewbie here… so please give me some direction …
Should I build this control or what in Xcode ??

They should be the default.


can you send me a small testcase that includes the Import project (and relevant binary and .h) and a test project that fails to link, so I can have a look in more detail. Because that really sounds like a bug/regression I fixed last week or the week before (definitely before 2509), but it could of course also be an entirely different issue…

OK I will do it …

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