HTTPApi how to return complex types


I’m experimenting with HTTPApi and have got a handle on the basic concepts but am having trouble with returning a complex type from a function.

I’ve inherited my class from TROComplexType and then declared my function thus:

function GetCustomer(accountref : string) : CustomerDetails;

When I look at the generated ‘swagger’ api, I see this:

/getcustomer/{accountref}: {
get: {
parameters: [
name: “accountref”,
in: “path”,
required: true,
type: “string”
responses: {
200: {
description: “The method call completed successfully”,
schema: {
$ref: “#/definitions/CustomerDetails”
400: {
description: “Bad Request”
500: {
description: “Internal Server Error”

Then, down the bottom, I see:

definitions: {
CustomerDetails: {
type: “object”,
properties: { }

It seems that it’s not including the actual definition of my type. Could you shed some light on what I’m doing wrong here?


Ignore me, I’m an idiot.

I had my class properties as public rather than published, seems to work fine now.