Hydra 6, loading wpf plugin change appearance of host

(Carsten Bartholomae) #1

when loading several plugins using the mixed-mode example, i noticed, that the appearance and size/resolution of the host changed after loading any of the WPF-Plugins.

before loading wpf plugin

after loading a wpf plugin

Is that the expected behavior ?


(Carsten Bartholomae) #2

In order to give a better impresssion, how can i upload the png files ?

(antonk) #3

Seems you have a HighDPI display?

This behavior reminds a thing you need to bear in mind while developing apps that can load plugins:

By default the host WinForms process runs as a DPI-unaware one. WPF assemblies are DPI-aware by default. When a WPF plugin is loaded the host app suddenly becomes DPI-aware too and rescales itself.

I’ve uploaded a fixed sample project where DPI awareness flag is set on the host app startup preventing this behavior: ManagedCSharpHost.zip (30.8 KB)
I’ll log an issue to update the shipped sample as well.


(RemObjects) #4

Thanks, logged as bugs://80703

(Carsten Bartholomae) #5

that provided Managed CSharpHost did indeed fix the issue with the appearance.


(RemObjects) #6

bugs://80703 got closed with status fixed.