Hydra trial page broken

(Allan K. Nielsen) #1

While waiting for you to answer a support email from a colleague of mine regarding purchasing upgrades from Hydra 4 to Hydra 6, I wanted to download a trial of the latest Hydra 6 - but the trial download page for Hydra gives an error :frowning:

Any fix or other place to download the latest trial of Hydra?

(marc hoffman) #2

i’ll fix asap, my apologies. by the way, i believe i have answered your colleague‘s email a couple of times now. can you suggest that he checks his spam folder, if he does not get my responses? thanx!

(phgprodatadk) #3

Hi Marc, This is Ivan, ProData consult. I have mailed you a couple of times but no mail from you! Spam checked. How can we get in contact?

(EvgenyK) #4


you can read answer at https://talk.remobjects.com/t/hydra-v6/17342/5