HydraModuleManager's Filename property blank

In my Delphi Hydra host application, I want to list all the loaded modules. I put them into a TStringList like this:

for i := 0 to HYModuleManager.ModuleCount - 1 do

When I displayed the strings, the list was empty. Stepping through, I noticed the FileName property was blank but the fFileName field had the filename value I was after. Looking through the source, I found that THYModule has a private fFileName field but its ancestor class, THYBaseModule, has a protected fFileName field which is where the FileName property reads its value.

Since THYModule.fFileName is private, I can’t display it from my application. Of course, I can manually build my own list while I’m loading the plugins, but would like to use the list in the module manager that is already there.

I thought I had used this technique in the past. Has it been changed, or am I using it wrong somehow?

Using Delphi 10 Seattle with Hydra


Thanks, logged as bugs://73283

bugs://73283 got closed with status fixed.

pls remove THYModule.fFileName variable and recompile HY packages

I haven’t recompiled packages before, but tried it and they seemed to build OK, but recompiling then rerunning my application got an access violation error with ModuleController.FactoryCount. Something is amiss with my paths or configuration or something and I futzed around with for a bit, but it’s not worth the effort to me right now, so have simply reinstalled and will comment this out until the next build.