Including a source file via "Add Link" to a .elements project looks to include it and not link

Not sure at which version this started happening, or if it just related to a .elements project type, but if I include existing source files with Add Link (as opposed to just Add) then they actually look to be added and not linked. This is in VS 2017 Community IDE.

If I remove <SubType>Code</SubType> then I the code file appears with the .. as a linked file.
Is this an Elements issue or VS ?

But the path looks correct —ie it (is* referenced from its original location, not copied to the project, correct?all thats “wrong” is the display?

Yes, I’ve just checked with another source file. it does look to be a display only issue. The file is not copied locally and it is still a link.

A little more testing…

I created a new Oxygene .NET Windows application, which resulted in project and .user files with .elements extensions. Adding in a linked file to that project behaves as per my original post. If I then rename those .elements files to .oxygene , update the name in the solution file and reopen, then the display will revert to showing the ..

So it appears to be a difference in the way VS is behaving/displaying .elements and .oxygene projects ?

FWIW, neither the SubType not Link metadata have any effect on what actually happens with the files, and …\ is our way of showing it’s an external file not part of the project hierarchy.

@viktoriad, is there any sense in maintaining two different displays here, at all?

Curious, I cannot see that having any effects. Vika, any comments?

Thanks, logged as bugs://83574

bugs://83574 got closed with status fixed.

That now looks to be displaying linked files as "..\" in personal build that I’ve picked up. Thanks.