Input string was not in the correct format while debugging

When I run my .net core web app under the debugger I get this

!> Debugger Exception: Input string was not in a correct format
!> 0 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff398cf8d7 __exceptionPreprocess + 250
!> 1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fff726ada9e objc_exception_throw + 48
!> 2 Fire 0x0000000108684937 +[__RemObjects_Elements_RTL_StringFormatter ParseFormatSpecifier::::::] + 1399
!> 3 Fire 0x000000010868525f +[__RemObjects_Elements_RTL_StringFormatter FormatString::] + 1631
!> 4 Fire 0x000000010867c1e1 +[__RemObjects_Elements_RTL_String Format::] + 33
!> 5 Fire 0x0000000108d4c7f3 -[__RemObjects_Fire_ProjectSystem_DebugSession getTextualStackForThread:] + 1875
!> 6 Fire 0x0000000108d49e09 -[__RemObjects_Fire_ProjectSystem_DebugSession ignoreExceptionType:message:onThread:] + 3257
!> 7 Fire 0x0000000108d3f254 -[__RemObjects_Fire_ProjectSystem_DebugSession debugEngineStoppedWithExceptionType:message:fatal:onThread:] + 660
!> 8 Fire 0x0000000108ce7aa2 -[__RemObjects_Fire_ManagedWrapper_FMWDebugEngine DoBreakException::::] + 98
!> 9 Fire 0x0000000108cfbbd4 FireDebugEngineCallback_BreakException + 228
!> 10 ??? 0x0000000116be557f 0x0 + 4676539775

Is it trying to break on an exception ?


Yes. This seems to be the code that shows the exception pop up. Somehow it can’t format the strack trace. I’ll do a blind code review tomorrow to see if I can spot the issue; if not o might need a test case or do add some extra logging. Does this happen for a specific case or any exception? (I saw the exception popup Sunday and it was fine in my case, so it’s probably not a general issue. )

It’s a specific case. I have a bug somewhere and I was trying to debug it.

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Let’s see if I can spot the problem dry, before we worry about a test case.


            text += string.Format($"{Convert.ToHexString(info.Address, 16)} {(info.Module as string)?.ToPlatformPathFromWindowsPath?.LastPathComponent}, {info.FunctionName} ({(info.Filename as string)?.ToPlatformPathFromWindowsPath?.LastPathComponent} {info.StartRow})");

thats rather redundant.

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I dont suppose its possible to get a new build ?

I’ll try… at least I won’t need to redownload a new Elements for this fix…

Up, same place and filename as yesterday’s.

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Thats fixed.

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