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(FireSide Experience) #1

Quick question.

I noticed in my downloads that I have several options for the Remoting SDK. What is the difference between Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients and Remoting SDK for Delphi?


(marc hoffman) #2

The first download also support client support for .NET, Java, Cocoa ands Javascript; the second one only includes Delphi.

(Claudio Piffer) #3

Hmm in my download page I have only Remoting SDK for Delphi.

(marc hoffman) #4


probably because you own a Suite for Delphi, and not all platforms?


(Claudio Piffer) #5

Yes Marc.

I have a full Delphi license (RO, DA e HY) from the 2005. In this case the Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients is not licensed?

Many thank’s

(marc hoffman) #6


maybe I’m looking at the wrong account, but I’m seeing only Suite for .NET and Delphi licenses in your the one I’m looking at (and only the Delphi one is current, but thats an aside). So you should see both “Remoting SDK for Delphi”, and “Remoting SDK for .NET” (the latter cut off at some date in the past) as separate downloads. But to see the “all platforms” SKU, you’d need a Suite for Cocoa and Suite for Java as well (aka a full Suite), which you currently don’t have. Does that make sense?


(Claudio Piffer) #7

Hi Marc,

sorry for delay :wink:

Yes, I Understand and this has sense

Best regards