Installation size

id like to ask about installation options and size.
Normally we install only Compiler, Water and VisualStudio integration. Installer speaks about (at least 50 MB required for installation) but: The installed files, especially folder C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\Elements\References\Island Contanst about 4,71 GB which is really different :slight_smile:
Im trying to test your preview releases occasionally and the amount of installation really annoys me.
We use commandline compiler and VisualStudio integration for projects with echoes targets to compile delphi for .net. We dont use water.
Is it possible to make Island optional ?
Thank you.

Water literally takes up a couple hundred extra kilobytes.

Toffee and Island are the two big ones, yeah. I’ll look at if we can make installing theres optional — especially since nowadays EBuild can download there SDKs on demand.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84157

work in progress (the Island number seems off somehow, though)


Looks great. Numbers dont bother me if its optional :slight_smile: Please let me know the option codenames for UIless installer arguments.

Hello, do you have any updates ? Thanks.

Still working on it; I’m not (yet) completely happy with just being able to deselect the platform support files during install, because there’s trickle-down issues that can happen later (what if you deselect a platform, but late open a project for it — you’ll get weird errors). Still thinking thru what the best option there would be.