Invalid multibyte file path


(takepoi) #1

When this code is executed, the path including the multi-byte character is acquired only partway.
Besides, writeLn does not break a line.


(marc hoffman) #2

is that supposed to be a yen character there where one would expect a back slash? that seems wrong, what are your trying to accomplish with that path name?

(takepoi) #3

Backslash is displayed as a yen character on Japanese Windows.

(marc hoffman) #4

ah, ok. so that partner is purely a display issue and not ort of the problem you are reporting, correct?

(takepoi) #5

Okay, actually it seems to be a writeLn bug.

(RemObjects) #6

Thanks, logged as bugs://76923

(Carlo Kok) #7

Any chance you can paste the actual code. I can’t copy it from the screenshot and don’t know any Japanese (If you want highlighting, use three backticks ``` code ```)

(takepoi) #8

Because I did not know how to do it I was on a screenshot.
Write the code from the next. Thank you.

Since I’m out now, I write a Japanese string so that you can copy it.

  1. あいうえおかきくけこ
  2. 営業資料を送付します。

(marc hoffman) #9

ideally, if you could just zip up the project and attach it, that’d be perfect.

(takepoi) #10

I am late, I will attach it (6.6 KB)

(RemObjects) #11

bugs://76923 got closed with status fixed.