IOS Fire missing Core Animation package

Fire version
I can’t see on my add reference list CoreAnimation package
what should I do to use it ?
I used CALayer, CAShapeLayer
I wrote control in Xcode Swift and want to compile it under Fire but without this I can’t.
Bes regards

I believe Core Animation classes are in the Quarz framework, and there isn’t one called CoreAnimation (which, yes, is odd because usually Apple as a pretty consistent mapping between framework name sand what they contain)

Marc one question
as I understood I use in Fire library compatible with Objective-c not Swift (here is a difference between them) - other properties …
I’m right ?
For beginner in IOS using XCode and Fire there are some problems… Sorry

Yes. Elements compiles against the Objective-C runtime. Apple Swift uses a different (new, and badly documented) object model that we do not support yet.

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Magic knowledge… thank you Marc.

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FTR, thats just what Apple called this, those names are outside of our control :wink:

I know.It’s hard to start. :slight_smile:

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