iPhone no longer listed

My iPhone is no longer listed in the simulator device dropdown. Typically if this happens I can unplug and plug in the usb cable and it reappears. It was working fine a few days ago, the last thing I did was install xcode 11.4

It appears as a device in console.

I was wondering it if was broken for anybody else ?


I found this in xcode

So its not Fire

if you run crossboxheper --monitordevices, does it show? You might need to let Xcode 11.4 (re-)detect it first, in its Devices window.

crossboxhelper from the zip distro ? Its listed but hasnt got execute permission

I used xcode to deploy an app to the phone and doing that made my phone appear in the Fire dropdown. I still have the failed _showMakeReadyForDevelopment check listed but it seems to be working again

well. you could probably change that of you have to? there’s a copy in fire that’s properly +x’ed; the tool isn’t really meant for manual use normally, thats why the install.sh doesn’t bother chmod’ing it, but I guess I [c|sh]ould fix that…

Hm, no idea what that is :frowning:

You know in the devices window it has “connect by network”. I turned that off, unplugged and plugged in my iPhone and the message has gone.

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