Is there a place to change the tab size?

(mtiede) #5

lol. GREAT. No reason to say sorry. Most people would say, “Maybe next year”. :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking forward to your beta.

(RemObjects) #6

Thanks, logged as bugs://80556

(marc hoffman) #7

Ok, not exposed in the UI, but tomorrow’s beta will read an override tab size for any language from the regsistry. Add a string value named “OxygeneTabSize” with the the proper number (ie 3) under HLCU\Software\RemObjects\Elements\Water (there should be a bunch of settings already under that key).

let me know what breaks and what doesn’t ;). I have confirmed it works for Tab/Shift-Tab, and for Smart-indent after ‘enter’. It will not affect templates or reformat (the former will need significant work; the latter I need to check with the core code model team).

(mtiede) #8

Great, I’ll try it tomorrow.

And thanks.

(Theo) #9

Microsoft would say: “Approved in principle”
And then “Speclet needed”
Followed by “Prototype needed”
And then “Ready for review”
After that “Merged”
And then it might be released.

There is at least 6 months between each step (the above is no joke).

(mtiede) #10

I know. I’ve been a Windows programmer since about Windows 3.0. (And I wrote my first program in 1966 in Fortran IV on punch cards) So I’m familiar with how Microsoft seems to take forever. And then when they do something good like, Silverlight, Band, Windows Phone, etc. they drop it like a hot potato.

I do have to say that Sql Server and Visual Studio are pretty darn good.

(Theo) #11

It is not that they can’t do things right.
But most times they just won’t.

I always wait a few versions before I start to use it, in case they drop it.
In the case of Silverlight: In version 5 they finally had printing in it, so I could use it. And the week before I wanted to get started, they dropped it (saved by the bell).

(mtiede) #12

I am still pissed they dropped Silverlight as I thought it was the way the web should have been done in the first place. Combined with RemObject’s Oxygene, I was REALLY happy. It took a little bit to get familiar with MVVM pattern and WCF’s complexities, but then it was off to the races. I loved it.

I learned a LOT with Silverlight that can still be applied.

I had a desktop app that was about 150,000 lines of Delphi code and about 75,000 of that was just for one aspect of the program. With xaml, I could do the same thing in almost no code and just a template for each class. The objects would draw themselves at various locations on a window and take care of overlapping objects for events, translucency of overlapping and many other aspects that I sweated blood to produce in Delphi.

So that is why I now find WebAssemblies so appealing. It isn’t the xaml part, but at least the javascript can be all but eliminated.

But I ramble…

(marc hoffman) #13

I agree with 50% of that statement ;). SQL Server is outstanding.

(mtiede) #14

I was thinking of Delphi vs Visual Studio. I really liked Delphi since its ancestor Turbo Pascal. But once I was using Oxygene in VS with Silverlight, I didn’t miss Delphi at all. Delphi kind of lost its way once Borland started slipping up. The original Delphi up to about version 6.0 was really a leader.

So now I’m exploring Water, as you know :wink:

Say, I don’t see a new Beta out there. It is still 2305? Is that right?

(Theo) #15

Marc, VS may have some issues, but I still have never seen any other IDE that is that advanced.
Of course it can still be improved (see the list I send you :))

(marc hoffman) #16

Today’s .2307 is out now.

(marc hoffman) #17

Or that slow and frustrating… though Xcode is catching up fast :wink:

(mtiede) #18

I don’t recall anything particularly slow or frustrating. Maybe when you are building a plug-in like Oxygene. Of course I was also mostly doing Silverlight, REST Service, and only occasionally WPF app. Can you comment on what was slow? Just curious.

I’ll go look for that new version…

(mtiede) #19

I don’t have ANY RemObjects under HLCU\Software. Should I really put the option there, or should I put it where the rest of the Water stuff is which is: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RemObjects\Elements\Water?

… time passes …

I added it with the rest of the Water stuff in current user and it WORKS. Thanks again.

… time passes …

uh oh. I have another ask… Does it make sense that that same parameter for OxygeneTabSize be also used in the “Edit|Reformat file” option? Otherwise, I won’t be using that reformat thingee.

(marc hoffman) #20

how is this different from the path I gave? (aside from the K/L typo)

that’s what I was referring to when I said:


(marc hoffman) #21

But fixed for vNext, I think.

(mtiede) #22

Doh! I couldn’t even read what you told me before :slight_smile: Sorry, I’m getting too tired. I should quit for the day.

I didn’t notice the “reformat” in your previous post cause I didn’t realize what it was until I just tried it out. Thanks for considering it for future.

I’ll now tell my former co-worker that you fixed it already. Now that I’m not with the company, I’ll have a hard time convincing them to use RemObjects. Plus those in charge just want to outsource everything. We basically had 3 GREAT programmers. Me and two others. One I could convince because he is logical. Although he is now about to convert his Delphi 5 app to Delphi Tokyo. I tried to talk him into going straight to Oxygene. It wouldn’t be nearly as much work as he thinks to switch to Oxygene and the xaml stuff would be HUGE for him. Oh well. The other one wouldn’t use it because she thinks companies only use Microsoft C# and that will make her the most marketable for when she quits and goes to work with another company. No convincing her because she can’t see the value of local procedures, for instance. Oh well, again. And the bosses are against it because they think they can’t find Oxygene programmers to hire. Oh well again. Glad I’m not there anymore. Less stress.

(Theo) #23

The project load takes indeed forever.
But after it is loaded, It works very well (unless is crashes :smile:).

(RemObjects) #24

bugs://80556 got closed with status fixed.